April 27, 2017- 6th Grade


Science-Complete your wetlands research.  You should have a full page of notes written before class on Monday.  On Monday you will use the notes to design your commercial.

Guided Reading –

Math Mod 1 –

Math 2 & 5-

Social Studies – Work on Ancient Rome posters in computer lab on M/W/Th; Hmwk: Unit 5, Chapter 10, Section 1: Geography and the Rise of Rome vocab. (pg. 294) in NB and read section 1 pgs. 294-299 (DUE MONDAY 5/1)

Literature/English –

Religion –


Music –

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Hi, I'm Mrs. Herfordt, 6th grade science teacher. I have a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Biology. I have taught college, high school, and middle school level science courses. Science is all around us and I believe in making it a daily part of our lives and understanding through lots of hands-on activities and collaborative work.