September 20,2017 – 8th Grade


History –  Make certain that the first 10 pages of history notes, and defined terms, are copied in your notebook by next Thursday.

English – Lesson 2 Usage Test tomorrow! Lesson 2 Assignments — Pre-assessment, Key Word Sort & Root Highlight, 2a, 2b, 2c, Key Word Symbols, and 2 “short line” sentences — will be collected tomorrow. Be sure you have completed IXL A.1 as well.

Science – MODS 2 & 3 – bring supplies for s’mores if you can.  All mods – continue to bring items for your thermodynamics project

Math Mod 1 – practice writing out examples in notes for quiz.

Math Mods 3 & 4 – practice writing out examples in notes for quiz.

Literature (Lampe) – Finish Reading and taking notes on “Fox Hunt”

Literature (Kable) 6 – Stargirl Background Collages — A middle school, high school boy / girl is…

Literature (Kable) 9 – Be ready for Quiz over Act I of Twelve Angry Men at the end of class tomorrow. See 12 Angry Men – Act I Notes to review.

Religion – Read pages 88-92 for Monday

Spanish -Quiz jueves – Flipbook due

8th Grade Homework Blog


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