March 22, 2018- 6th Grade

Notes:Permission slips due tomorrow.

Science- No HW.  Today in class: Mods 5 & 8 – notes on slides 22-23, Brainpop on States of Matter, played game sorter and did review quiz (all on Brainpop).  Mods 6 & 7 – vinegar/baking soda explosions.

Guided Reading (Mrs. Chattin)- rough draft Greek myth due tomorrow.

Guided Reading (Mrs. Noon)- Group 4: Play and at least 3 props due at the end of class tomorrow.

Group 3: Spelling test on Monday.  Please study words.

Guided Reading (Mrs. Saucier)-

Math Mod 1, 2, & 4 –  Mods 1 & 2– WS on mean & median.  Show work on loose leaf.  Mod 4– 2 sided WS on mean & median.  Show work on loose leaf.

Math Mod 6-  WS on Maps & Scale Drawings.  Show proportions & work on loose leaf.  Test on Monday.

Social Studies – Parthenon WS due tomorrow.  Social Studies books must be covered by Monday!!

English – Final speeches will be given tomorrow.  Be sure to practice tonight if you have not yet presented.  Tomorrow, we will write reflections on the Woodmen experience. NO HW for all Mods (Mod 7 will finish their reflections in class).

Religion (Mrs. Dillon)-

Religion (Mrs. Barry)-  Discussed the Triduum today.


Music –

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