September 20, 2017 – 7th Grade

Notes :

Geography (Mrs. Stratman) –

Geography (Mrs. Martinez) –

Spanish -Quiz jueves, pg 52

Science – Quiz over classifying matter and physical properties on Thursday.  Vocabulary flashcards will also be collected on Thursday. 

Math Mod 1 – Practice 4-2 WS–complete 1-16 only on the worksheet (work is done on loose leaf and answers go on the worksheet)

Math Mods 2 & 4 – Practice Mult WS– complete evens only; study the Properties of Multiplication

Religion (Mrs. Harrison) – CE#2 due Oct. 5th; Anima Christi due Oct. 2nd

Religion (Mrs. Martinez) –

Literature Mods 5 & 6 – model selection worksheet about “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” is due Monday.

Literature Mod 7 – Review for tomorrow’s selection test over “An Hour With Abuelo.”

English – 1A, pgs. 6 & 7 (Vocab book) due tomorrow. Follow directions given during class. Review verbs notes. You may review concepts on the Daily Grammar site linked on Classroom.


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After a year at home busy with children and substituting, I am thrilled to be returning to the SPSL teaching staff. I have a degree in Secondary Education in Speech and Theatre from UNO and an additional Language Arts endorsement from the College of Saint Mary. I have taught Literature, English, Vocabulary, Religion, and Geography for eight years here at SPSL and am pleased to be returning part-time this year teaching Religion and Geography. I will also be returning to my passion of coaching Drama Club.