Daily Announcements

Lunch menu change for Thursday, January 24

Please note that the main lunch option will be Shepherd’s Pie on Thursday, January 24 and the fruit will be strawberries.

SPSL Spirit Wear Store will be open Monday, January 21 to February 3

The SPSL Spirit Wear Store will be open Monday, January 21 to Sunday, February 3.  We are excited to share some new items with you!  Click here to visit our Spirit Wear Store!








Baker's Plus Card number for SPSL has changed

If you have your Baker’s Plus Card registered and your donation is coming to St. Pius X / St. Leo School, please note that our organization number has changed.  It is now JV330.  Please refer to the Ways To Support page for information on how to access your Baker’s Plus Card online.  Thank you!

Miles the Therapy Dog is joining the SPSL staff

The SPSL community just got a little more diverse. Our newest member is a little bit hairier, has four legs, and has a lot of love to share. He is a two year old, F1B Goldendoodle named Miles. Recently, Miles has been certified as a Therapy Dog with Love on a Leash and is willing and ready to help our school community in any way he can. He has had over 42 weeks of training and has been on 10 supervised therapy visits to many nursing homes and memory care facilities.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is a therapy pet? A therapy pet is an animal trained with its owner, as a team, to provide comfort and stress relief in a variety of situations.

2. What if my child is allergic to dogs? An F1B Goldendoodle is hypoallergenic and does not shed. Therefore, exposure to Miles should not result in a strong reaction or any reaction at all for those who are allergic. If you are concerned for your child, Miles will not interact closely with your student. Miles is not allowed to eat any treats while on a visit; and therefore, students with food allergies do not need to be concerned.

3. Does Miles wander freely through the building? No. Miles is always on a leash and never separates from his handler.

4. What will he do for our school? Therapy pets in schools have been used as a companion while students read, work, and progress towards becoming self disciplined.

5. Does one need to be afraid of Miles biting while at school? If Miles ever showed any sign of aggression during our training, Love on a Leash would not allow him to be certified at any point in time. Miles has always remained calm while the young and old have interacted with him. As a therapy team, we are fully insured through Love on a Leash.

Please write or call the school or myself if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for being part of this new adventure for our community. ~ Jen Naughton (parent of two SPSL students), 402-709-7022 or haneynaughton@cox.net

If you have a child with dog-related allergies, the school will be reaching out to you for more information on Monday, December 17th. If you do not receive a phone-call, but your child has dog-related allergies, please contact the school. On Tuesday, December 18th the students will be introduced to Miles for the first time during an assembly. We look forward to welcoming Miles in January. ~ Cory Sepich, Principal

School Directory for $5

School Directories are now available for purchase. You can purchase the directory in the school office for $5.00.

Help us keep our Blessing Box full!

“Take What You Need, Leave What You Can, And Above All Be Blessed!”

Thanks to a young man’s Eagle Scout project, there is now a Blessing Box at SPSL (in the east parking lot near the ga-ga pit) which provides food for those in need.  The Blessing Box has been a success, and is in need of more supplies.  When you are bringing kids to and from school and practice, please consider taking something from your pantry for someone in need.  Dry goods, canned goods, boxed goods, toiletries, paper goods, peanut butter, pasta are appreciated!  Thank you! 

St. Leo worship opportunities

St. Leo is looking for students, mothers, fathers, or even older brothers and sisters to bolster their

-Liturgy of the Word for Children
-Usher and Greeters
-Lite Laundry help (including but not limited to Server Albs)

St. Leo is also looking for students to participate in their Children’s Choir.  Read more information on rehearsal dates and mass dates for the Children’s Choir here.

Please contact Drew Neneman, Director of Liturgy and Music, at drew@stleo.net

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