5th Grade
Homework Blog

April 24 - May 1

Monday, April 24

Announcements: No School this Friday

Religion:Discussed Circle of Grace

Reading:REad Chap. 14-15,study vocabulary chap 9-13 and comprehension questions worksheet due Tuesday

English:Finish Draft of menu

Science:Rough draft in notebook of “Cloudy” story using weather words , 5 paragraphs due Tuesday

Social Studies: None. Will continue 3 Branches of Government Research tomorrow in the Computer Lab.

Math Mod 4: Paste or Tape Coordinate Plane Graph in Notebook.

Math Mod 5 and 6: 2-3 Survey Questions for our Survey Project.

Tuesday, April 25

Announcements: No School this Friday

Religion:Read 272-273

Reading: Study Vocabulary Chapters 9-14 for quiz on Thursday,

Read through Chapter 20 for Thursday

English: none

Science:Finish final copy “Cloudy” story and illustration in color due Wed.

Social Studies: Optional Research for 3 Branches of Government Research Project.

Math Mod 4: Graph Worksheet. Graphing Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane. Due Tomorrow.

Math Mod 5 and 6: Mean, Median, Mode, and Range of Survey Data. Due Tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26

Announcements: No School on Friday. Bottle Water Drive starts next week. Grade Goal of 300 Bottles of Water.

Religion:Read 274/275



Science:Vocabulary Words,definitions and pictures pp 364 all of them in notebook due Thursday

Social Studies: Finish Research for Branches of Government tonight. Popplet will be finished in the computer lab tomorrow.

Math Mod 4: Constellation WS is due tomorrow.

Math Mod 5 and 6: Two Graphs for Survey Project are due tomorrow.

Thursday, April 27






Social Studies:

Math Mod 4:

Math Mod 5 and 6: