Spirit Wear

SPSL is excited to announce our new Spirit Wear store.  Here, you will find apparel items and so much more to show off your school spirit.



To purchase tumblers with the SPSL logo, visit J.P. Cooke.  Tumblers will be delivered to the school office for pick up.  You will receive an email from J.P. Cooke when your tumbler is ready.  Tumblers can be purchased at any time during the year.





Our Spirit Wear store is now closed.  If you ordered Spirit Wear in our first sale (in August), items will be delivered around September 17.  Please contact the school office at 402-551-6667 with any questions.



Future Spirit Wear store dates are:

Second Sale (2018)
Open:  November 12
Close: November 25
Delivery:  December 17

Third Sale (2019)
Open: January 21
Close: February 3
Delivery: February 25

Fourth Sale (2019)
Open: April 1
Close: April 14
Delivery: May 6