4th Quarter Report Cards message from Principal Sepich on May 18, 2020

Dear SPSL families,

As we communicated to you before, per instructions from the Catholic Schools Office, we will not be calculating or reporting numeric grades for the fourth quarter. However, we still want to communicate to you and to your child(ren)’s future teachers some information about what your student was able to accomplish and exhibit during this time of distance learning. Therefore, although you will not be receiving a formal report card for the fourth quarter, you will receive at the end of this week, via email, a report from your child(ren)’s teachers indicating a summary of how your child(ren)’s was able to navigate this time of Distance Learning.

Please do not view these as a report card. These reports are meant only to indicate the amount of participation a student was able to provide during this unique and challenging phase in their education. Nothing on any of these reports would indicate “passing” or “failing” the fourth quarter, as no student will fail the fourth quarter. As mentioned before, there may be very good reasons why a student was not able to complete certain educational activities, and our teachers have been understanding of this. If a student was not able to complete some, or even much, of the activities, that will be reflected on the report as information to guide next steps, not as a summative assessment of his or her learning.

In regards to specialty classes, such as art, music, and P.E., these classes will not be included on reports for grades PreK-4. For grades 5-8, you will see these classes. Although the music and art teachers sent home activities that could be completed and returned (and this will be reflected on the report), there is no way for us to “assess” your student’s participation in physical education activities. Therefore, you will not see a box checked to indicate a student’s level of participation in P.E., but there may still be some comments from our P.E. teachers.

We cannot thank the parents enough for the partnership and collaboration you have provided during these eight weeks that allowed us to continue your student’s education. We look forward to returning to more normal educational settings, God-willing, where we can continue to work together to help our students grow.


SPSL Faculty & Administration