2019 Show Choir Rehearsal Schedule


All rehearsals will meet in the music room at 7:30 a.m.

(If there is any kind of inclement weather, know that we will not be having a rehearsal.)

*Please remember to drop students off at Main West Doors!*

Tuesday, Feb. 5th:  Girls Only

Wednesday, Feb. 6th: Girls Only

Thursday, Feb. 7th: Boys Only

Friday, Feb. 8th: ALL BOYS & GIRLS


Tuesday, Feb. 12th:  Girls Only

Wednesday, Feb. 13th: Boys Only

Thursday, Feb. 14th: ALL (PT conferences/noon dismissal)

Friday, Feb. 15th: (no school)


Monday, Feb. 18th: (NO SCHOOL)

Tuesday, Feb. 19th:  No Show Choir

Wednesday, Feb. 20th: ALL

Thursday, Feb. 21st: ALL

Friday, Feb. 22nd: ALL


Tuesday, Feb. 26th:  ALL

Wednesday, Feb. 27th: ALL

Thursday, Feb. 28th: ALL

Friday, March 1st: ALL




Tuesday, March 12th: ALL

Wednesday March 13th: ALL

Thursday, March 14th: ALL

Friday, March 15th: ALL


Tuesday, March 19th: ALL

Wednesday, March 20th: ALL ***2:15 p.m. MATINEE***

Thursday, March 21st: ALL   

 ***2:00 p.m. MATINEE***(grandparents invited J)

*** 7:00 p.m. PERFORMANCE*** (report to the music room at 6:40 p.m.)

(*You will be able to leave immediately after our performance unless your parents are attending the 1st & 3rd grade musical.)


Wednesday, March 27th: Donut/Juice Party to watch Performance 7:30 a.m. Music Room



Girls are to wear black skirts with black leggings and tennis shoes with red Show Choir shirt. Boys are to wear khakis and tennis shoes with Show Choir shirt on both days of Wed. March 20thth and Thursday, March 21st for their performances. 7th grade students or any new 8th grade show choir member will need to purchase a Show Choir shirt. Please bring $15 to cover this cost.

Cash or checks payable to: St. Pius X/ St. Leo School.

Thank you!! Mrs. Drvol & Mrs. English

Hello! I'm Carol Drvol. This is my eighteenth year teaching at St. Pius X / St. Leo School. I teach music part-time which includes 5th, 6th, and 7th grade music. I also co-direct with Mrs. English the 7th & 8th grade Girls Chorus and Show Choir. I look forward to another great year sharing music & learning new things about music with our students.