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Love and Logic

The fourth grade team believes that there is much to be said for the power of natural consequences.  We gain a great deal of helpful information from the Love and Logic philosophy.  If you are interested, check out the following links to read newsletters from the Love and Logic website.  The first link will take you to the homepage.  Once you are there, you can sign up to get weekly emails.  Just click on “Join Our Insider’s Club.”


Supporting your Child as They Accept a Consequence:

Bullying Hurts:

Inspiring High Achievement:

Arguing and One-Liners:

Teaching kids self-confidence, responsibility, character, and resiliency:

Promoting perseverance:

Taming the defiant child:

Building self-control in a child:

Dealing with angry people:

The Power of a Quiet Voice:

Self-Confidence, Responsibility, Character, and Resiliency:

Appreciation vs. Entitlement:

When Kids Argue:

Winning Through Losing:

Looking Calm Through Frustration:

When Kids Divide and Conquer:


Chores and School Success:

Tangible Rewards:

Listening Means Love:

Helping Kids Cope with Divorce:


Hi there! This is my 13th year at SPSL and my 11th year as a fourth grade teacher. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in School Leadership from Creighton University. Wishing all that visit our classroom page a great school year ahead!