July 17 email from Principal Sepich – SPSL Return to School Plan Details

July 17, 2020

Hello SPSL families,

I hope and pray that you are all doing well and that you and your families are healthy and safe. The purpose of this email is to both share our “2020/21 SPSL Return to School Planning Guide” that outlines the details we have worked on to have a healthy and safe return to school as well as communicate a few other decisions we have made that we hope will minimize the risks that we face in this current pandemic.

On the attached “2020-21 SPSL Return to School Planning Guide (7-16-20)” you will find lots of information about our planning for returning to school. We also want to communicate that this guide is a continual work in process and that we anticipate the need to adapt and communicate any changes or additions accordingly to meet the ever changing landscape and effects of COVID-19. The most current version of the guide can always be found on the ‘Daily Announcements’ page on the school’s website. In this guide you will find information and detail on our planning for:

We know that there will be more information to add and even as we share this document, we are continuing to work hard on other areas of health, safety, wellness as well as curriculum and instruction, and will continue to keep you informed.

One other very important announcement for next year is that we have made the decision to move from three (3) homerooms to four (4) homerooms in grades Kindergarten – 5th grade. The purpose of this move is to reduce the number of students in each classroom to better keep social distancing of 6 feet or more, make any potential move to a “Yellow” or “Red” status more manageable, and allow for greater personalized instruction in all models. Ultimately, it is a better utilization of our wonderful teaching talent that we have in the building as we manage this COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, for the upcoming school year, I am excited to let you all know that we will have the following four homerooms and teachers in each grade, Kindergarten – 5th grade:

KA – Mrs. Kelli Swift
KB – Miss Meg Peitzmeier
KC – Mrs. Jenny Hanna
KD – Mrs. Becky Galvan

First Grade
1A – Mrs. Lisa Wilson
1B – Mrs. Sue Kurtenbach
1C – Mrs. Tami Kuenning
1D – Miss Shannon Buttell

Second Grade
2A – Mrs. Denise Johnston
2B – Mrs. Heather Owens
2C – Mr. Jason Nelson
2D – Mrs. Alice Gerraughty

Third Grade
3A – Mrs. Sarah Franco
3B – Miss Rachel Langenfeld
3C – Ms. Anita Petersen
3D – Mrs. Laura Osborn

Fourth Grade
4A – Mrs. Allison Wagner
4B – Mrs. Monica Sheehan
4C – Miss Emily Klassen
4D – Mrs. Mary Holtmeyer

Fifth Grade
5A – Mrs. Annie Wise
5B – Miss Carin Andrew
5C – Mrs. Jennifer Thompson
5D – Dr. Ann Adkins

As I shared earlier, we feel that reducing class sizes was a safe alternative to other means for minimizing risk and being able to keep our classrooms less crowded. Our 6th-8th classes are not included in this email as they already have four sections and we have capped those grade levels at a certain limit so that they maintain a safe and non-crowded classroom environment that maintains 6 feet of social distancing. Some additional information about these changes include:

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding with our work and communication on all that we have been focusing on. I want to personally say I am blessed to have an amazing group of faculty and staff who have worked on this solution the past few months. As a school community we are blessed that these talented faculty and staff are so flexible and willing to do all they can to help our students and school community in this unusual time. We are also blessed to have the wonderful support for this work from our two pastors, Fr. Wray and Fr. Loecker. Thank you for all your continued support and we promise to continue to work hard on making the school year safe, no matter what situation we are in, and will continue to communicate with you all on any potential changes, adaptations, etc.

Yours in Compassion, Patience, and Hope,

Cory Sepich, Principal

2020-21 SPSL Return to School Planning Guide (7-16-20)