September 2 email from Principal Sepich – “SPSL Response to New Directed Health Measures”

Hello SPSL Families,

I pray that you all are having a great week and you and your students have had a fun and successful start to the school year. As you may know, updated Directed Health Measures (DHMs) came out today from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services that include the loosening of restrictions in a variety of different areas of commerce. There is a section specifically relating to schools that outlines the loosening of quarantine restrictions on educators if they are in close contact with COVID-19 or someone who may have COVID-19. The DHMs loosen the quarantine restrictions for only educators, but not for students, as educators are defined as essential employees.

That being said, I wanted to be clear that even with these new DHMs, SPSL School will not be loosening our protocols relating to quarantine restrictions.  At this time, it is in the best interest of the SPSL School community, and the greater community, to continue with our quarantine restrictions and other safety procedures currently in place at SPSL. This includes continuing with the existing teacher and student quarantine restrictions and we will not be loosening those at this time. I think it is important to be clear in my communication that we will continue to stay the course with our current safety plans as I feel that it gives us the best chance of staying as safe as possible, minimizing as much risk as possible, and also allowing our students and teachers to have consistency and routine in our teaching and learning.

Furthermore, as a school community, we may hear instances of other school districts or other Catholic schools loosening their current protocols. In those instances, other school leaders may have different opinions or perspectives in their decision-making, but at this time I do not feel it is prudent or in the best interest of our school’s collective safety to loosen our safety protocols at this time.

Thank you for your continued compassion and patience as we navigate this pandemic. We appreciate your incredible support of our phenomenal teachers and staff members.

Peace and blessings,

Cory Sepich