Student supplies drop off and pick up message from Principal Sepich on May 12, 2020

Hello SPSL families,

This message is to communicate to you the plans and procedures for your family to be able to pick up your child(ren)’s supplies from the school as well as how to return to the school any supplies, textbooks, library books and materials that may be school owned.

Before Student Supply Pick Up at School:


Pick Up Schedule for week of May 18th – May 22nd:

Daily Pick Up Times:    10am – 1pm    and   3pm – 6pm

Parents with multiple students at SPSL: You can pick up and drop off all of your students’ supplies on just one of the days that aligns with a grade level that one of your children are in. For instance, if you are a family with students in the 2nd, 4th and 8th grades, you could choose to come on May 18th (8th grade) or May 19th (4th grade) or May 21st (2nd grade) to collect materials for all of your children.  You would not need to come all three days to pick up and drop off your students’ materials and supplies.

Drop Off Procedure

Pick Up Procedure

Thank you for your continued patience and support for SPSL in trying to make sure that we can distribute and receive these materials while doing our very best to ensure that we limit as many risks and exposure in order to keep our entire school community healthy and safe.

SPSL Administration and Maintenance Staff

SPSL Student Supply Pick Up and Drop Off Schedule and Procedures