St. Pius X / St. Leo School is a school with a rich 60 year history, full of traditions. We are also a school with a vision for the future, embracing new technologies and a forward-thinking approach to education.

The school was founded in 1956 and now boasts over 6,000 alumni, many of whom have chosen to send their children to the school as well. While it is not uncommon to find second and even third generation SPSL students, the school actively seeks out new families to join our community. The school serves two parishes, St. Pius X on 69th and Blondo Streets and St. Leo on 102nd and Blondo Streets. Located in midtown Omaha, the school also draws from all over the metro area, with some families choosing to travel a considerable distance to send their children here. Non-parishioners and non-Catholics are welcome at the school as well. We believe it is important to keep our doors open to all families who want to be a part of the school. Our mission is to continue to be a diverse community, forming students in the Catholic faith to excel in academics and service to others.



For Alumni

SPSL has over 6,000 alumni, dating back to our first graduating class in 1957.

Our students go on to do great things, in ways large and small, dedicated to lifetime learning and service to others. If you’re an alumni, you are still a vital part of the SPSL community. We want to hear what you’ve been up to!

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