5th Grade: Thursday March 22nd


Religion: none, did a project with timelines and the sacraments

Math Mod 1 and 2: Study for Tomorrow’s Test

Math Mod  3: Algebraic Expressions WS. Due Tomorrow. Math Minutes are due tomorrow.

Science: played a card game with food chains, homework: doodle notes and bring in old magazines with picture of animals and/or plants if possible.

5A: Social Studies: review of chapter 9 lesson 1. No homework.

5A:Literature Block: Homework: based on novel groups, vocabulary test next week-words from novels


5C Social Studies: test today, none

5C Literature Block: English pg. 125 #s 10-15; Literature Circle assignments (varies by group)

5D Social Studies: Study for tomorrow’s test.

5D Literature Block:  Literature Circle Assignments. Due Monday for each group. 

5th Grade Homework Blog


My name is Jennifer Thompson. I am excited to be in 5th grade and apart of the SPSL community. I can not wait to see what this new school year brings as we all grow and learn together.