Staff Directory

St. Pius X / St. Leo School  | 6905 Blondo St, Omaha, NE 68104  |  402-551-6667


PrincipalDr. Cory Sepich[email protected]
Assistant PrincipalMrs. Katy Chattin[email protected]
Assistant Principal of Teaching and LearningMrs. Terri Preston[email protected]
Student Services DirectorMrs. Becky Sluyter[email protected]
Business/Personnel CoordinatorMiss Nina Englin[email protected]
SecretaryMrs. Kathy Graney[email protected]
Office AssistantMrs. Lisa Brewster[email protected]
Marketing and Recruitment DirectorMrs. Kim Ramsey[email protected]
Alumni and Donor Relations DirectorMrs. Michaela Messenger Smith[email protected]
Major Gifts DirectorMrs. Bernadette Martens Chapman[email protected]


PriestFr. Joseph Wray, St. Pius X Parish[email protected]
PriestFr. Craig Loecker, St. Leo Parish[email protected]
PriestFr. Michael Gadache, Associate Pastor, St. Pius X Parish
PriestFr. Emmanuel Agbo, Associate Pastor, St. Leo Parish

Classroom Teachers

PKMrs. Cat Flores[email protected]
PK EnrichmentMrs. Sarah Saucier[email protected]
KAMrs. Kelli Swift[email protected]
KBMrs. Becky Galvan[email protected]
KCMrs. Jenny Hanna[email protected]
1st Grade
1AMrs. Lisa Wilson[email protected]
1BMrs. Sue Kurtenbach[email protected]
1DMiss Shannon Buttell[email protected]
2nd Grade
2AMiss Michaela McLeay[email protected]
2BMrs. Heather Owens[email protected]
2CMr. Jason Nelson[email protected]
3rd Grade
3AMiss Monica Woods[email protected]
3BMiss Rachel Langenfeld[email protected]
3CMiss Katie Messerschmidt[email protected]
4th Grade
4AMiss Bernadette Harney[email protected]
4CMiss Emily Klassen[email protected]
4DMrs. Mary Holtmeyer[email protected]
5th Grade
5AMiss Maddie Rinkacs[email protected]
5CMrs. Annie Wise[email protected]
5DDr. Ann Adkins[email protected]
6th Grade
6AMrs. Misty Banks Noon[email protected]
6BMrs. Jennifer Thompson[email protected]
6CMrs. Jen Martinez[email protected]
6DMrs. Jennifer Jeffrey[email protected]t
7th Grade
7AMr. Ryan Lampe[email protected]
7BMrs. Linda Rix[email protected]
7CMr. Jerry Carreon[email protected]
8th Grade
8AMr. Parker Adair[email protected]
8BMrs. Tiffani Herfordt[email protected]
8DMrs. Dawn Goodland[email protected]

Specialty Teachers

MusicMrs. Sara Fleming[email protected]
MusicMr. Nick Zittritsch[email protected]
ArtMrs. Maria Engesser[email protected]
PEMr. Troy Nelson[email protected]
PEMrs. Mary Morrison[email protected]
Media/LibrarianMiss Gina Fosco[email protected]
Library AssistantMrs. Tonya Maca
Spanish TeacherSra. Miriam Renedo[email protected]
Technology TeacherMiss Gina Fosco[email protected]
Technology SpecialistMrs. Mary Kay Nelson[email protected]

Resource Teachers

Resource TeacherMiss Carin Andrew[email protected]
Resource TeacherMrs. Erin Beninato[email protected]
Resource TeacherMrs. Linda Harrison[email protected]
Resource TeacherMrs. Laura Osborn[email protected]
Resource TeacherMrs. Tracey Strehle[email protected]
Resource TeacherMrs. Allison Wagner[email protected]
ELL CoordinatorMrs. Christy Vogel[email protected]
Special Education TeacherMrs. Natalie May[email protected]


CounselorMrs. Jody Jurgens-Byam[email protected]
CounselorMr. Jeff Keogh[email protected]

Teacher Assistants

Pre-KMrs. Lisa Smith
KindergartenMrs. Cheri Freese
KindergartenMrs. Melissa Pelley
KindergartenMrs. Gina Sturek
1st GradeMrs. Monica Taylor
1st GradeMrs. Michelle Baldwin
2nd GradeMrs. Colleen Donahoe
2nd GradeMrs. Mary Grenier
3rd GradeMr. John Brannen
3rd GradeMrs. Betsy Cowles
4th GradeMrs. Jenny ten Bensel
5th GradeMrs. Linda Walz
6th GradeMrs. Angela Broderick
Special EducationMiss Mackenzie Keogh

Other Faculty

School LiturgistMiss Janet Drvol
Liturgy AssistantMrs. Mary Grenier
Extended Care DirectorMrs. Cat Flores[email protected]
Extended Care Assistant DirectorMrs. Cheryl Lampe
Sacramental CoordinatorMs. Colleen Ciciulla[email protected]
Sacramental SecretaryMrs. Sheryl Fritz
Cafeteria Manager
Cafeteria PersonnelMr. Pat Dunlap
Maintenance DirectorMr. Matt Haynes