October 17, 2017- 6th Grade

Notes: Picture day is Thursday.  Please return all signed Friday folders.


Guided Reading (Mrs. Chattin)- none

Guided Reading (Mrs. Noon)-

Math Mod 1, 2, & 4 –  HW- Study for Decimal test.  Part will be on Wednesday and part will be on Thursday.  Look over your notes on each skill we have talked about.  Look over your place value chart as well.

Math Mod 6-  HW- do p630 # 21-36,  Copy problem and highlight answer.  Test on Integers tomorrow.  Be sure you know the rules for add, subtract, multiply and divide.  Know the definition of absolute value as well.

Social Studies – none

English – Haiku assignment.  Details, power point, and more on your 6th Grade English/Lit Classroom page.

Choose one of the following options:

Take a ginkgo walk at home. Take a picture of something in nature that inspires you, then WRITE ONE HAIKU about it.
— Write your haiku on the Haiku Poem Sheet I gave you in class today.
— Please upload your picture to your Google Drive OR email it to your school email account.
— Tomorrow, I will teach you how to turn in your picture on Classroom.

Write a SERIES OF THREE HAIKU about the same topic.
— Write your THREE haiku on the Haiku Poem Sheet I gave you in class today. One goes on the front, two go on the back.
— You do NOT need to take/upload a picture.
— Remember, your topic should have something to do with nature.
— Use the attached pictures from our ginkgo walk for inspiration, or think of your own nature topic!

Religion (Mrs. Dillon)-

Religion (Mrs. Barry)-  Discussed the Tower of Babel today.  HW- Read pp62-63 and fill out WS.  Watch your spelling.  Test is next Tuesday.


Music –


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6th Grade is throwing kindness around like confetti! Hi! I am Mrs. Dillon. I am so happy to be here at St. Pius X /St. Leo. I graduated from UNO with a bachelor's in elementary education and deaf education. I received my master's from Doane College. I taught for 9 years in OPS then stayed home with my kiddos. I subbed for many years and I am excited to be back in the classroom. I am especially looking forward to being with your kids during religion class as we grow in our love for Jesus!