7th Grade
Homework Blog

November 19 - November 26

Monday, November 19

Notes : Bring your canned food donations tomorrow!

Geography – Study for tomorrow’s Geography test on Mexico.

Religion (Mrs. Stratman) – Be prepared to present your Rosary in class. 

Spanish –

Science – Be prepared to work on your app/website in class tomorrow.  

Math Mod 1 – Comb Like Terms WS

Math Mods 2, 3, & 6 – Order of Op WS

Religion (Mrs. Harrison) – Presenting Rosaries in class.

Literature (Mr. Carreon) – Read Chapters 12-13 and take notes for tomorrow. 

Literature Mod 7 (Mrs. Rix) – Read chapters 14 & 15 and take notes for tomorrow. LAL due on or before Dec. 6.

Literature Mod 8 (Mrs. Rix) – Review the selection from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. LAL due on or before Dec. 6.

English – If you did not finish the evaluation for one of your online sources during class, complete that before tomorrow. Read the links about MLA source citations before class tomorrow (on Classroom). Bring one small notecard for each of your essay sources.


Tuesday, November 20

Notes :

Geography – None. Took Test over Mexico today

Religion (Mrs. Stratman) –

Spanish –

Science –

Math Mod 1 – Finish the one problem I gave you for homework and enjoy your break!

Math Mods 2, 3, & 6 – You could review the math problems from class while you enjoy those turkey leftovers!

Religion (Mrs. Harrison) – Give thanks to our Lord for all you have been given.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Literature (Mr. Carreon) – Read Chapter 14-17 in The Giver. 

Literature Mod 7 (Mrs. Rix) – Read chapters 16, 17, & 18 and take notes for Monday. Letters About Literature final is due on Classroom no later than Dec. 6.

Literature Mod 8 (Mrs. Rix) – 4(a) pg. 522 – create 2 columns in your notebook. You will have 15 minutes at the beginning of class Monday to finish. Letters About Literature is due no later than Dec. 6.

English – List audience objections in the right column before class Monday. If you need to redo parts of your topic/audience/reasons assignment, finish that before class Monday.