1st Grade

Greetings from 1st Grade!

Welcome to the 1st grade info page!  Here you will find information on our curriculum as well as 1st grade specific information.  You can also find information regarding 1st grade on our Classroom pages:

Lisa Wilson
Maureen Williams
Shannon Buttell

Curriculum / Learning Goals

Reading / Language Arts

  • Identify: initial and final consonants, short and long vowels, consonant digraphs and blends
  • Use letter-sound relationships and common word patterns to recognize words
  • Read high frequency words
  • Read with fluency
  • Read and comprehend fiction and nonfiction text
  • Identify parts of a book
  • Make inferences and predictions
  • Understand reality and fantasy, cause and effect and main idea
  • Sequence and summarize events in a story (beginning, middle, end)
  • Retell a story stating characters, setting and important details
  • Introduce contractions, compound words, ABC order, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and sentence building
  • Use legible manuscript handwriting
  • Write sentences using correct punctuation
  • Express ideas through creative writing
  • Apply phonics skills to spell words
  • Assessment: Read My Book

Religion / Guidance

  • Practice formal and informal prayer
  • Introduce the church celebrations in relation to the liturgical seasons
  • Actively prepare and participate in the liturgy
  • Learn about the lives of saints
  • Discuss the holy family, creation, the holy spirit, the rosary, and the stations of the cross
  • Discuss the sacrament of baptism
  • Demonstrate positive actions to improve self-concept
  • Display caring actions toward others
  • Learn and practice Boystown Social Skills


  • Recognize and write numbers to 100
  • Understand the operations of addition and subtraction
  • Learn addition and subtraction facts; 0-18
  • Recognize and count coins (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters)
  • Understand use of bar graphs and pictographs
  • Count by ones, two, fives and tens
  • Understand the concepts of greater than and less than
  • Introduce standard and metric systems of measurement
  • Explore strategies for estimation
  • Identify time to the hour and half hour
  • Identify and describe flat and plane figures and symmetry
  • Introduce fractions ½, 1/3, ¼ and probability
  • Identify patterns
  • Apply problem solving skills to mathematical problems


Units of learning are Sun, Moon, and Earth; Water; Plants; Animals; Magnets; and Recycling.

Social Studies

Units of learning are Citizenship; History – Native Americans, Pilgrims, Presidents, and Civic Holidays; and Maps.

Assessment: Delightful Destination

Specialty Classes

Technology, Art, PE, Music, Library, and Spanish

Grading Scale

Grading for 1st grade is as follows:

M    Most of the Time
P     Part of the Time
N     Not Yet


Homework for 1st grade consists of practicing spelling and vocabulary words daily and math homework once a week.


1st grade attends Mass on Wednesdays.

Friday Folders

We send home papers in a Friday Folder and newsletters are sent home weekly to keep parents informed of what is happening in the classroom.

Discipline System

The 1st grade discipline system consists of color changes. Students start the day on green and are given a warning to stop an inappropriate behavior.  If the behavior continues a student changes their color to a yellow and then to an orange.  If it still continues it may need to be changed to a red.  Daily information is provided to parents regarding their child’s behavior that day.

Birthday Treats and Party Invitations

Students may bring a treat to school for their classmates to enjoy on or close to their birthday.  Please make sure the treats are peanut and tree nut free.  Please provide napkins or necessary utensils for the treat to make it quick and easy to serve at school.  Students are not allowed to pass out invitations in school.