5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to the 5th grade info page!  Here you will find information on our curriculum as well as 5th grade specific information.  You can also find information regarding 5th grade on our Classroom pages:

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Maddie Rinkacs
Dr. Ann Adkins

Curriculum / Learning Goals


Our goal in Reading is to develop a love for literature and learning through works of non-fiction. The students will enjoy reading class novels and short stories. Skills include: reading for meaning, recognizing and developing story elements, and making predictions and inferences.

English Language Arts

Our goal in English is to help each student communicate effectively through the written and spoken word. We study and reinforce grammar, punctuation, and usage. We use the 6 +1 Traits model for our writing. Our annual wax museum gives all of the students a chance to read about and research an individual who has had a positive impact on the world. Giving a speech about the individual is often a new and challenging project for the fifth graders!


Fifth grade Religion focuses on growing in the knowledge of Who Jesus Is.  We study the New Testament stories of Jesus.  The gospels tell of Jesus as Teacher, Healer, Prayer, and Son of God. This leads to our main focus of the seven Sacraments. The Sacraments bring us to Jesus and build community.


We use the scientific process to investigate and conduct experiments. The units studied include: Electricity, Chemistry, Earth and Space, Weather, and Animals. We use small group, cooperative learning as a part of their exploration.


The 5th grade focuses on long division and working with fractions. Other topics include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, and measurement. The students will also keep progress of their times tables mastery through a program called “Otter Creek”.

Social Studies

The 5th grade focuses on regions of the United States, the earliest times in North America, and the beginnings of our country. There will be different hands-on projects in which the students will engage and a chance to explore multiple perspectives.  The students will gain a better understanding of how our country came to be, the difficulties and triumphs along the way, and the ways we all participate in a democratic society.


Students learn about and create major classifications of art such as: landscape, seascape, cityscape, portraits, and others, using a variety of media and techniques.  Emphasis is also placed on the elements of and principles of Art.


During the 5th grade, we perform a major musical production.  We review the recorders by playing fun Christmas tunes.  We study a variety of song styles.  The students illustrate the song “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and create our own book.  We study ballads and explore the history of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, as well as Novelty Songs and Bobby Socks Songs.  We end with the 17th century tale of Rigoletto.

Physical Education

Included in the curriculum is a brief exercise and aerobic program.  Some of the units that will be covered are softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, ping pong, lacrosse, badminton, flag football, yoga, dance, and Tae Bo, as well as cooperative activities.


We learn the alphabet and practice vowel pronunciation.  Students study greetings, numbers, writing the days and months, colors, and clothes.  Students are introduced to genders of nouns and adjective agreement.

Speech and Drama

New for the 2023-24, all 5th and 6th graders will take Speech and Drama. Students will see Mrs. Martinez once a week for this special. Learn more here: spsl.net/classroom/speech-drama/

Grading Scale and BlackBaud

The grading scale for 5th grade is as follows:

A+  =  99, 100
A  =  95-98
A-  =  93, 94
B+  =  91, 92
B  =  89, 90
B-  =  87, 88
C+  =  85, 86
C  =  79 – 84
C-  =  77, 78
D+  =  75, 76
D  =  74, 73, 72
D-  =  71, 70
F  =  69 and below

You can check your child’s grades online with PowerSchool with your specific password. Email Mary Kay Nelson at [email protected] if you need your login information.


Students in 5th grade can have up to 50 minutes of homework each night in Religion, Literature, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, or Math.  The students are given time to work on homework during the day but may need to finish up at home.

Mass / Reconciliation

5th grade attends Mass every week on Thursday. You are welcome to attend. Please check the monthly calendar for dates. All of the 5th grade students will be going to Reconciliation once during the school year.

Friday Folders

Each week your 5th grader will bring home a  folder with work from the week and other items that may need to be sent home. We also are available anytime via our emails and are happy to call during plan times. Communication is so important and we have an “open door” policy in 5th grade.

Birthday Treats and Party Invitations

Students may bring a treat to school for their classmates to enjoy on or close to their birthday. Please make sure the treats are peanut and tree nut free. Please provide napkins or necessary utensils for the treat to make it quick and easy to serve at school.  Students are not allowed to pass out invitations in school.