Daily Announcements

Siena Francis House Stocking Project - November 11 to December 8

Please help donate items for the Siena Francis House Stocking Project this year!
Music teachers Sara Fleming and Nick Zittritsch and the SPSL Girls Chorus will be collecting new men’s and women’s crew and tube socks, new women’s and kid’s stretch gloves, toothbrushes, boxes of mini candy canes, and boxes of hot cocoa packets to give to residents of the Siena Francis House.  The girls will place 3 boxes throughout the school to collect the donations–one near the school office, one in the 7th and 8th grade hallway, and one near the kindergarten hallway.  The boxes will be in those locations until Wednesday, December 8, at which point the girls will collect all of the donated items.  The items will be brought to be stuffed into Santa Socks that will be brought to kids and adults at the Siena Francis House.  Thank you for your donation!

Diaper Drive sponsored by 1st grade and Student Council - December 1 to 9

The 1st grade homerooms, along with the Student Council, will be collecting diapers for the annual drive for the Lydia House. The Lydia House provides emergency services for women and families in need of immediate assistance. Students may bring their donations to their homeroom teachers. All donations need to be at school by Thursday, December 9. Thank you for your support.

August 13 COVID-19 Update from Principal Sepich

August 13, 2021

Dear St. Pius X / St. Leo Families,

We are so excited for this upcoming school year and our faculty and staff enjoyed a great first day back with yesterday and today’s in-services. The enthusiasm is contagious and we cannot wait to see all of our students and families again.

We have heard from many of our parents this summer on their hopes and wishes for the 2021-22 school year in regards to COVID-19 protocols. We also know that given the differentiating opinions on these protocols that no decision will make our school community 100% happy. I wanted to share that these stresses do weigh heavily on our school’s leadership as we value every single one of our community members and do not want to disappoint anyone. That being said, we know that we are in a better position to start this year than last year at this time and we have shown ourselves to be a resilient school community. We stayed in-person last year due to solid health and safety protocols and we can do what is necessary to make sure our kids are where they need to be: In the classroom and learning from their amazing teachers. We also hope that this year’s plan has more balance as our aim is to try to find a happier medium this school year with our protocols.

This communication delineates our protocols that you can find below. We delayed the announcement of this plan as we wanted to make sure to have the best and latest information from the local health experts as well as observe what other schools were doing, both private and public. Our plan also reflects continuity with the majority of the private and public schools in the greater Omaha metro area. Also, the following plan has been guided by our families survey results, and with the approval and guidance from our parent-led School Board.

Lastly, it is also very important to note that these safety protocols will be reviewed on a monthly basis and adjusted accordingly to the conditions present in our community and school. Some areas we aimed to address this year include masking to allow for small group instruction, which is so vital to our students’ learning as we were not able to have that last year. We also are aiming to provide our students with more mask and fresh air breaks during the school day, especially when wearing a mask for more than 15 minutes in one sitting.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and patience through this all. Our school theme this year is “Using our God-given gifts to love and serve each other in order to become the best versions of ourselves” which is inspired by 1 Peter 4:10 which reads “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” We appreciate your love and service to our school and for your continued grace.

Yours In Christ,

Fr. Joseph Wray, Pastor, St. Pius X
Fr. Craig Loecker, St. the Leo Great
Dr. Cory Sepich, Principal

Click here to view the plan in it’s entirety: SPSL COVID-19 Plan – effective 8/19/2021

Drop off and Pick up procedures

You may drop-off students in the morning in the following parking lots only:
*  Church front parking lot.  You may not make a left turn from this parking lot when you exit.  There will be no way to turn south on 69th Street.  When leaving the church front parking lot, the only way you can leave and turn is to turn right onto Blondo Street.
* Lot east of 69th Street
* South church parking lot

Please do not use the lot west of the north school building for dropping off students unless you have a Pre-K student.  If you do, you may park in the west lot or the north side of our new building.

Students are encouraged to use the following doors to enter the building, but we realize some may be walking siblings and entering at different doors:
*North doors (church front lot) – Grades 6 through 8
*East cafeteria doors – Grades K through 3
*South doors (behind the church) – Grades 4 and 5
*Pre-K doors (lower west lot) – Pre-K

You may use the following lots for parking if you need to come in the building in the AM:
* Outside area of the lot east of 69th Street
* Outside area of the south church parking lot/playground lot

Please do not park in the church front (north) parking lot until school has begun at 8:15 A.M.  Then you may use this lot in order to park for our school Masses.

For picking up your children after school you may park in any of the lots except the church front parking lot or the west parking lot.  At dismissal time we need to keep the church front lot free of cars as all of the students come out of school directly into this lot.  Safety is a major concern, so therefore, the lot must be free of cars.  The west lot and the small north lot for pre-kindergarten is only for picking up Pre-K students.  If you wish to meet your children, you may park in one of the other lots, and walk to meet your children.

Students will be dismissed at the end of each school day from the following doors:
*North doors (church lot) – Grades 3 and 6
*East cafeteria doors – Grades K, 1, and 2
*South parking lot doors – Grades 4 and 5
*Church breezeway doors (south lot) – Grades 7 and 8
*Pre-K doors (lower west lot) – Pre-K

News from St. Pius X

St. Pius X Calendar Club is here! You can pick up tickets in the narthex of the church, parish office, or the school office starting September 27. They make fantastic gifts for every occasion —birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because I like you!  You can even treat yourself with a ticket or two! The price is the same, just $35, and each ticket gives you 365 chances to win!  $500 on Easter and Christmas, $200 on each of the 5 holy days, $100 on the Feast of St. Pius X and Thanksgiving, $50 on all the remaining 356 days of the year. Ticket stubs/money due to the parish office, by December 14.

Parish Festival, June 5, 2022  The St. Pius X Festival is an annual celebration of community, by the community.  You are invited to prayerfully consider taking on a leadership role with the festival.  Down the road there will be many opportunities to help out both in advance of the festival and the day of. Right now we are looking for some top tier leadership.  We do have one confirmed co-chair and are looking for a few more to step into co-chair roles.  We are also looking for sub-committee chairs for:  Development/Finance, Booths, Marketing/Promo, and Miscellaneous.  If you have the gift of organization, planning, and desire to meet other parishioners and enjoy a fun day this might be for you.  You can check out these roles further by looking at the flow charts on the website. Gather some friends and talk about it. The Pastoral Council will be actively seeking out people to fill the above roles. Thank you for your consideration.  If you would like to visit more about this, contact: Rita Ramos, 402-558-8446, [email protected].

Lunch news

Please note that Westside Nutrition Services, our lunch provider, is dealing with supply issues so some lunch items may change at the last minute.

School lunches will be free again this school year due to a governmental program. If anything were to change, we would notify parents. If a student only needs a milk, there will be a milk charge of $0.60.

Free/Reduced Lunch Applications will be provided to families at Open House. Eligible families are still encouraged to complete the application in the event the “free lunch” government program ends.

The cafeteria staff is still in need of volunteers to help serve the lunch. Please contact Jon Lanphier at [email protected] if you are interested. It also is a great volunteer opportunity for grandparents.

Snow Day Policy

To clarify for SPSL, if there is a snow day that is called this school year, SPSL will not have a remote learning day. It will be a day off for teachers, staff, and students. Also, if OPS calls a late start, the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) will call a full snow day and SPSL will follow suit with having the full day off.

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