Drop-Off / Parking

August 14, 2020

Please note the “modified” arrival and dismissal process for the 2020-21 school year. In order to keep the health and safety of students and staff the priority, students must enter the school building at the designated doors as outlined on the attached map. This will require each and everyone’s patience and understanding. When accessing the west parking lot or the north church lot, please pull your car around as far as you can to avoid causing blocked traffic onto Blondo Street from our parking lots. More cars can access the parking lots at one time if cars pull as far ahead in the lots.

(Drop Off Example: Family A has a Kindergarten student and a 5th grade student. Access the west parking lot to drop off the Kindergarten student. From there, the car would exit the west lot and turn right onto Blondo Street. At 69th Street, the driver would take a right and follow 69th Street south to the entrance for the south parking lot. Use the map attached above to locate the drop off location for 5th grade. We realize this is not an ideal drop off for all families, but again we are trying to ensure separation between students as they enter the school building.)

At dismissal time, you should plan to park in the designated parking lot for your youngest/only child (e.g. Family has a 2nd and 6th grader so they should park in the west parking lot. In the example listed here, the 6th grade student could walk outside the school building along the building to get to the west lot to meet their parents.) All grade levels will be dismissed outside through the same entrance doors the students entered through in the morning. Staff will be outside with the students to help guide them to parents. In the event a parent exits their car to come and meet their child, we ask that the parent please wear a mask and practice social distancing as much as possible.

We realize these changes are going to take all of our patience and flexibility. Your willingness to adapt is appreciated. Please feel free to call the school office at 402-551-6667 if you have any questions.