Drop-Off / Parking

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You may drop-off students in the morning in the following parking lots only:
* Church front parking lot. You may not make a left turn from this parking lot when you exit. There will be no way to turn south on 69th Street. When leaving the church front parking lot, the only way you can leave and turn is to turn right onto Blondo Street.
* Lot east of 69th Street
* South church parking lot

Please do not use the lot west of the north school building for dropping off students unless you have a Pre-K student. If you do, you may park in the west lot.

Students are encouraged to use the following doors to enter the building, but we realize some may be walking siblings and entering at different doors:
* North doors (church front lot) – Grades 6 through 8
* East cafeteria doors – Grades K through 3
* South gym doors – Grades 4 and 5
* Pre-K doors (lower west lot) – Pre-K only

You may use the following lots for parking if you need to come in the building in the AM:
* Outside area of the lot east of 69th Street
* Outside area of the south church parking lot

Please do not park in the church front (north) parking lot until school has begun at 8:15 am. Then you may use this lot in order to park for our school Masses.


For picking up your children after school you may park in any of the lots except the church front parking lot or the west parking lot. At dismissal time we need to keep the church front lot free of cars as all of the students come out of school directly into this lot. Safety is a major concern, so therefore the lot must be free of cars. The west lot and the small north lot for Pre-K is only for picking up Pre-K students. If you wish to meet your children, you may park in one of the other lots and walk to meet your children.

Students will be dismissed at the end of each school day from the following doors:
* North doors (church lot) – Grades 3 and 6
* East cafeteria doors – Grades K, 1, and 2
* Church breezeway doors (south lot) – Grades 7 and 8
* Pre-K doors (lower west lot) – Pre-K