School Board 2023-24

St. Pius X / St. Leo School  | 6905 Blondo St, Omaha, NE 68104  |  (402) 551-6667

Role Name Email
President of School Board, Finance Committee Chris Johnson [email protected]
School Board Secretary, Education Committee Chair Deana O’Hare [email protected]
Recording Secretary, Education Committee Desiree Nownes [email protected]
Development Committee Keith Williamson [email protected]
Development Committee  Tiz Green [email protected]
Development Committee Lora Hansen [email protected]
St. Leo’s Representative Tim Sutton [email protected]
Finance Committee Sigrid Moylan [email protected]
Education Committee Lynn Weist [email protected]
Education Committee Grace Tollo  [email protected]
Education Committee Sarah Crotzer  [email protected]
Development Committee Ali DeBreuhl [email protected]
Principal Dr. Cory Sepich [email protected]
Director of Operations Michaela Smith [email protected]
Pastor, St. Leo Parish  Fr. Craig Loecker [email protected]
Pastor, St. Pius X Parish  Fr. Joe Wray  [email protected]