5th Grade: Wednesday September 20th

Announcements: No school on Friday. Terra Nova Testing begins next Monday. Field Trip on October 13th.


Math Mod 1 and 2: Cover Math textbook by next Monday. Worked on Mental Math Equations.

Math Mod  3: Complete Study Guide. Test tomorrow on Multiplication and Division Skills.

Science:we made a model of the solar system outside with sidewalk chalk so we understand how far the planets are from the Sun and each other. No Homework

5A: Social Studies: reviewed the Incas and Mayas, made an Aztec Sun. Homework: study for test tomorrow

5A Literature Block: centers, revised blackout poetry. Homework: study for vocabulary test tomorrow

5C Social Studies:

5C Literature Block:

5D Social Studies: Study for Tomorrow’s test.

5D Literature Block: Literacy Centers.

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Hello. My name is Jerry Carreon and this is my 4th year at SPSL. I'm a 5th grade teacher and I teach Math and Social Studies. I really enjoy teaching at SPSL. I've been very blessed to be around great families, students, administrators, teachers, and assistants.