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More than a School,
It's a Community.

Home to a diverse group of happy, high-achieving students, passionate teachers and staff, and actively-involved parents, St. Pius X / St. Leo School is a true community – dedicated to preparing every child for a lifetime of learning and service to others.

We emphasize critical thinking, faith, and service. In addition to a traditional core curriculum, we offer art, music, foreign language and technology classes. Serving midtown Omaha, the school also draws from all over the metro area, with some families choosing to travel a considerable distance to send their children here. With over 6,000 alumni, it is not uncommon to find second and even third generation SPSL students. At the same time, we actively recruit new families to the St. Pius X / St. Leo School community.

St. Pius x / St. Leo at a Glance.

Voices of SPSL

"You feel that there are a lot of people watching out for your kids."

"Even though it's a large school, you feel like you know everyone."

"It's exciting to be here, to learn, to find out about the world we live in."

"The wider we open our arms, the stronger we become."