3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to the 3rd grade info page!  Here you will find information on our curriculum as well as 3rd grade specific information.  You can also find information regarding 3rd grade on our Classroom pages:

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Mary Stokes
Katie Messerschmidt

Curriculum / Learning Goals


Third grade students will learn fact families, patterns, problem solving, properties of addition, place value up to the millionths, adding and subtracting with and without regrouping up to 6 digits, graphing, ordered pairs, subtraction across zeros, money – counting coins and bills and also making change, multiplication facts and strategies, multiplying 2 digit and 3 digit numbers, telling time up to the minute, elapsed time, division strategies, basic division, perimeter and area, polygons, plane shapes, angles, solid shapes, fractions, long division, capacity, measurement, symmetry, congruent and similar, slides, flips, fractions, and decimals.

Language Arts

Our 3rd graders focus on nouns, adjectives, verbs, decoding long words, narrative elements, elements of nonfiction, summaries, author’s purpose, word relationships, long and short vowels, parts of a sentence – subject and predicate, homophones, sequencing, syllables, consonant blends, novel studies – Mouse and Motorcycle, Winn Dixie, and Charlotte’s Web, making predictions, finding facts in nonfiction books, abc order, researching penguins and making life size penguins, punctuation, parts of a letter, proofreading, paragraphs, prefixes and suffixes, narrative elements, r-controlled vowels, digraphs, researching famous Americans, pronouns, adverbs, dictionary skills, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, poetry, compare and contrast, fact and opinion, schwa sounds, diphthongs, main idea and details, cause and effect, and researching a country for World Tour Project. 

Social Studies

The 3rd graders will learn about continents and oceans, compass rose, landforms, map skills, 3 types of communities, natural resources in communities, landforms in communities, Native Americans and First Thanksgiving, problem solving steps, Martin Luther King Jr., using a map scale, using a landform map, reading bar graphs and line graphs, world communities – Japan, Early Communities in America – Jamestown, Native Americans (Pocahontas, Powhatan’s, Pueblo, Iroquois, and Mesa Verde,) the 13 colonies, Daniel Boone, pioneers, Merriweather Lewis and William Clark, Sacagawea, transcontinental railroad, using and making timelines, immigrants and communities, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, great migration, inventors who changed communities and medicine/technology, needs and wants, taxes, goods and services, community zones, economy, and the 3 branches of government.


Third grade students will focus on living things, plants, seeds, animal classification, animal life cycles, and animal adaptations.


Our 3rd graders will focus on how the Holy Spirit guides us to love as Christians, Sacraments of Initiation, showing love for one another, how Jesus teaches us to pray, how Jesus shows us how to forgive and heal, celebrating Reconciliation and healing, how Jesus teaches us to love, Holy Trinity, Great Commandment, Advent, Nativity, how Catholics are open to all, gathering for Mass, serving others, Circle of Grace unit, Lent, Stations of the Cross, Apostle’s Creed, Easter, Mary, how we pray for others, how Jesus saves us through sin, how we receive the gift of Jesus, how we carry on the work of Jesus, how we pray like Jesus, Rosary, and Saints.

Grading Scale and PowerSchool

Grading for Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Music, and Math is a letter grade.  Please check the letter grade percentages in the Family Handbook, which is located on the school website.

Grading for English, Social Studies, Science, Art, Religion, PE, and Handwriting is as follows:

M    Most of the Time
P     Part of the Time
N     Not Yet


Homework for third graders should be approximately 30 minutes per night.  This can include math, reading, spelling, and studying for tests.  Homework is always due the next day unless otherwise noted.  Spelling lists are sent home with your child on the first day of each school week. Please check and sign any homework paper so we know you have seen it.

Mass / Reconciliation

Grade 3 attends Mass three times a month on Wednesdays.  You are welcome to attend. Please check the monthly calendar for dates. All of the 3rd grade students will go to Reconciliation in September. Please check the September calendar for the date and time.

Friday Folders

Friday Folders are sent home on the last school day of the week, primarily on Friday.  Please look over all of your child’s papers and then sign on the appropriate line to let us know that you have seen them.

Behavior Slips and Irresponsibility Slips

Behavior Slip

A warning is given to students for misbehaviors.  If the behavior continues, a behavior slip is given to the child to fill out.  When any 3 slips accumulate in a week, the slips are sent home for a parent signature.

Irresponsibility Slip

Third graders need to be responsible citizens in our school.  An irresponsibility slip can be given for not placing their name on their work, not having homework returned on time, not following dress code, or not being prepared with supplies for each class.  When 3 of either slip accumulate in a week, they will be sent home for a parent signature.

Birthday Treats and Party Invitations

Students may bring a treat to school for their classmates to enjoy on or close to their birthday.  Please make sure the treats are peanut and tree nut free.  Please provide napkins or necessary utensils for the treat to make it quick and easy to serve at school.  Students are not allowed to pass out invitations in school.