Sedona Spa Getaway : Refresh your mind, body and spirit at this oasis of personal pampering!  Relax, unwind, and rejuvenate in beautiful Sedona, Arizona!  The two of you will escape to the breathtaking beauty of wildflowers, sagebrush, and spectacular sunsets in the heart of the great American West.  The home of legends and wild beauty, Sedona is the perfect place to trade your daily grind for soul quenching serenity.

Nestled in this oasis of red sand, your lavish accommodations will delight your senses and refresh your mind, body, and spirit.  Here, at the spa, you’ll melt into a tranquil bliss during your massage and wake up refreshed to take a trip along the Grand Canyon’s awe-inspiring South Rim.  During your visit to this iconic landscape, you’ll learn about the fascinating history and culture of this area as you take in the views from places such as Yavapai Point, one of the best places to see the Colorado River as it snakes through the gorge.

Your incredible four-day, three night Sedona Spa Getaway for two includes roundtrip air, your luxurious accommodations, a perfect massage for each of you, your day at the Grand Canyon, and serene memories to last forever.  Remember, YOU deserve it!

Utah’s National Parks: A place where the mighty landscape inspires reverence, where resilient souls have endured history, and where even the busiest mind can find rejuvenating serenity.

Your exhilarating expedition begins in Las Vegas, where you can try your luck at one of the bustling casinos, enjoy a glamorous live show or perhaps indulge in a mouth-watering buffet. The following morning, you’ll be in awe of “The Greatest Dam in the World” – Hoover Dam. Here you’ll descend into the depths of the earth to peek at its inner workings before climbing by elevator to the very top for dazzling views of the Colorado River and Black Canyon.

After two nights in Vegas, you’ll hop in your rental car and set off. As buildings dissolve into sand, a scenery of blushing red rocks and canyons the color of wildfire will open up before you. Once you reach Zion National Park, check in to your lodge-style accommodations before a Jeep safari inside the park.  Your professional guide will take you beyond the well-worn trail to view secret Native American glyphs, a Hollywood ghost town and perhaps some of the park’s resident wildlife. Your next destination is Bryce Canyon, where jaw-dropping columns of rock confound the imagination and high plateaus give way to bold canyon views. You’ll definitely want to stay well after sunset among the sanctuary of geological wonders as the Milky Way rises hypnotically in the sky.

Continue on to Moab where more colossal natural wonders await you. At Arches National park, you can find over 2,000 natural stone arches! Another evening, you’ll be taken in to Canyonland National Park to enjoy a cowboy-style dinner overlooking the Colorado River before a magical cruise where you’ll watch the canyon come alive in natural light.  Finally, head north to Salt Lake City and perhaps along the way peer at the prehistoric rock art at Sego Canyon or check out the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, home to the world’s largest accumulation of Jurassic dinosaur bones. On your final day, a guide will sweep you away to Great Salt Lake, known as “America’s Dead Sea”! You can simply walk along the ancient shoreline or bring a swimsuit to go for a float!

Your action-packed trips for two to Utah’s most amazing National Parks includes 7 nights accommodations, roundtrip air, car rental and your tours of Hoover Dam, Zion National Park jeep adventure, your Canyonland National Park evening cruise and your excursion to Great Salt Lake.



The Pleasures and Treasures of Tuscany: This is your chance to immerse yourselves in a land revered for more than 2000 years as one of the most romantic and gorgeous places on earth!  The two of you will explore the gilded city of Florence with its historic sites, panoramic views, and cobblestone pathways that promise new discoveries at every turn.  You’ll enjoy VIP entrée and a guided tour at the Museum Accademia where you’ll marvel at Michelangelo’s magnificent statue of “David.”  Your deluxe accommodations are in a fully restored 17th century villa in the heart of a vineyard in the rolling hills of Tuscany. You’ll love exploring quaint towns like Siena and Pisa and finding the best shopping in all of Italy in San Gimignano as well as great bargains at the famous designer outlets for Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.  One glorious day, you’ll party with culinary masters who’ll teach you the art of fine Italian cooking in their authentic Tuscan kitchen.

Your trip includes round trip air for two, six nights deluxe accommodations, VIP entrée to the Museum Accademia in Florence, your cooking class where you will learn to be spectacular chefs, and so much more!   This is your chance to see, feel and taste all that makes Tuscany irresistible. This trip is booked by your own AmFund Travel Specialist, and you will have 3 years with no blackout dates to go on your trip.


Tropical Costa Rica: Imagine taking a deep breath and savoring the sweet aroma of tropical flowers as balmy breezes soothe your soul.  From the moment you arrive, Costa Rica will enchant you with its pristine beaches, exquisite vistas, lush rainforests, and amazing wonders of nature found nowhere else in the world! Imagine the two of you lounging next to a glistening pool sipping cool cocktails or relaxing on a sugar sand beach as warm waves gently sweep ashore.

Your week in Costa Rica can be as relaxed or as exciting as you wish.  You’ll stay at a 4-star resort and relax in sublime luxury.  You might want to explore the rainforest, see a volcano and swing through the jungle canopy on a thrilling zip-line ride! This once-in-a-lifetime vacation is your chance to relax and unwind in this land of unmatched pleasure and beauty.

This incredible package for two includes your 7 days, 6 nights deluxe accommodations, round trip airfare and memories of the most invigorating and relaxing adventure of your life! Your AmFund Travel Specialist will book it for you, and you have 3 full years with no blackout dates.

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Spain: Barcelona & Mallorca: Two of you will fly to beautiful Barcelona on Spain’s magnificent Mediterranean coast to begin your 7 day, 6 night getaway.  With its fabulous art and architecture, Barcelona is one of the most unusual cities on earth.  On your cultural tour, you’ll have skip-the-line entrée to see the lofty spires, fancy facades and colorful mosaics designed by the incomparable Antoni Gaudi.  One night, you’ll enjoy cocktails, tapas and dinner as you watch an authentic flamenco show, the dance of passion and love.

Next, you’ll fly to Mallorca for 3 days of pure pleasure.  This playground of Europe’s rich and famous has pristine beaches, charming restaurants, intriguing shops, and beautiful vistas.  On your breathtaking catamaran tour off Palma de Mallorca you’ll enjoy a delightful lunch the sunshine and balmy breezes warm your body and soothe your soul.  At night, party and dance ‘til dawn if you like!

This 7 day, 6 night trip for 2 includes roundtrip air, flight from Barcelona to Mallorca, your luxurious hotels, guided tour in Barcelona, fabulous dinner and flamenco performance, Palma de Mallorca cruise, and magical memories to last a lifetime! This trip is booked by your own AmFund Travel Specialist and you will have 3 years with no blackout dates to go on your trip.

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International with NO airfare

Scottish Highlands: Fabled figures, kilt-clad bagpipers and characters as colorful as Scottish tartans will be part of your enchanting 7-day, 6-night adventure for two in Scotland. You’ll begin in the capital city, Edinburgh, a place which boasts a seamless juxtaposition of historic and modern. Here you’ll follow your local guide along the famous Royal Mile and gain insight into not only the famous writers who have called the city home but also the hidden secrets of top landmarks such as St. Giles’ Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle.

After two blissful nights, your next destination is known as the “Gateway to the Highlands”: Inverness. In this iconic city, you might like to take a stroll along the banks of the River Ness, or perhaps taste a wee dram of whisky in a lively authentic pub. You’ll soon understand why producers for “Outlander” and “Harry Potter” chose to film here.  During your special day tour to Loch Ness, you can search for “Nessie” amongst the magnificent aquatic vistas during your cruise to Glen Urquhart Castle and enjoy time taking in the commanding views from this impressive ruin.

Next, you’re off to Glasgow, which regularly makes the top of the charts as “world’s friendliest city”! Everywhere you go, you’ll find plenty of jolly locals ready to point you to their favorite restaurant or share a wild tale. On your final full day in Scotland, you’ll journey through the picture-perfect West Highlands to the hauntingly beautiful Glencoe and Loch Lomond as your guide regales you with stories of epic battles and old clan rivalries.

Your trip includes 6 nights’ accommodations for two, a guided tour of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, day trip to Loch Ness, and your West Highlands adventure. You’ll have three full years to enjoy your trip, and your AmFund travel specialist will book it for you.

Croatia- Beauty on the Adriatic: Your adventure begins in the buzzing, boisterous Eastern European capital of Zagreb. In this quirky city you can find everything from charming sidewalk cafes to high class ateliers and offbeat museums such as the “Museum of Broken Relationships” and the “Mushroom Museum”. A local guide will lead you down the cobblestone paths to experience the colorful tiled roof of St. Mark’s Church, the vibrant atmosphere of Dolak Market and sweet scents of Flower Square.

After two nights in Zagreb, you’ll be whisked through the heartlands of Croatia to a magical place where emerald leaves give way to silvery lakes and secret waterfalls: Plitvice Lakes National Park. Here you can glide along the transparent waters in an electric boat or spend time hiking and enjoying the whimsical landscapes from the myriad wooden footbridges. Afterward, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and rest your legs on the journey to your home for the next three nights: Split! Known for year-round sunshine and tucked beneath the towering columns of the Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, Split will have a surprise for you around every corner. One day, you’ll take an exhilarating speedboat across cerulean water to Stiniva Cove where you can swim alongside adorable monk seals, marvel at the natural beauty of the pebbly beach or snorkel along the shore.

Finally, you’re off by ferry boat down the Dalmation Coast to the evocative yet inviting ancient port city of Dubrovnik. Here you’ll stroll along narrow passageways of the Old Town made famous in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and hear tales of traditional Croatian folklore. As the sun dips behind the burnt-orange rooftops and starlight dances along the beach on your final night, you’ll find yourself enchanted by the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.

This captivating Croatian escape for two includes: 8 nights of luxurious accommodations, transportation between cities, 3 city tours, a visit to Plitvice Lakes and day cruise from Split. This trip is booked by your own AmFund Travel Specialist and you will have 3 years with no blackout dates to go on your trip.

Curaçao: Can’t decide between tropical paradise or Old-World charm for your next vacation destination? Why not experience a little bit of both on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao! In Willemstad, rows of pastel-colored colonial buildings will welcome you into a true melting pot of culture and inspiration

You’ll begin with a quick city tour with a local guide who will share the fascinating history behind Fort Amsterdam, where a British cannonball still remains embedded in an exterior wall, and the beautiful murals that one can find throughout the maze of the city. Another day, you’ll enjoy an exciting safari to the North West coast of the island, where you can bathe in a jacuzzi created by nature and witness the awesome power of the waves as they crash into the magnificent limestone cavern of Boka Tabla. For those who enjoy wildlife, there are countless opportunities for adventure – snorkeling with sea turtles, sharing a beach with lazy pigs, flamingo spotting and dolphin swimming are all readily available for you. Foodies can enjoy the unique mixture of Caribbean, European and Latin American cuisine known as “Krioyo” as well as drinks made with the island’s namesake liqueur – Blue Curaçao. Those looking for a little bit of shopping therapy will find a paradise of their own with embroidered linen, clogs, and so much more in the lively Punda district and Rif Fort.

This sun-drenched island experience for two includes six nights of accommodations, your city tour, your coastal water safari and memories of special moments in a secret place where sapphire water laps against an ethereal shoreline. Your AmFund travel specialist will book your adventure and you have 3 full years to take your trip with no blackout dates.

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