Book Bowl Club


Book Bowl Club is open to any interested seventh and eighth graders. Responsibilities of club members include reading all twelve books on the list, writing review questions, and attending virtual meetings. The reading list will be available once school begins.

The annual Book Bowl competition is hosted by St. Vincent de Paul School. Staff members there select the books, prepare questions, and organize the competition. Each team may consist of six members, four of which participate in a round. Because the competition is double elimination, all team members will have an opportunity to answer questions.

Two opposing teams compete during a round. Questions asked are about both major and minor details from each book. Team members have an opportunity to discuss among themselves before giving answers. This school year’s competition date was Friday, February 25.

The most successful team members are able to read quickly and remember details from each book.

Check the link below for competition information and the reading list.

Book Bowl 2021-2022




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