Math 3A

It is important that your child practices their math facts and are able to say them as fast as they say their name. Make sure they know their addition and subtraction facts and start working on multiplication and division.

Skill we are working on now: Multiplication

On the bottom of this page you will also find some websites that have math games for your child to play to practice.

What we will have learned by the end of 3rd grade! We are going to be busy having fun learning all this awesome Math!

  • mixed numbers
  • adding and subtracting fractions
  • equivalent fractions
  • fractions-wholes and parts
  • measurement- inch, half inch, and quarter inch
  • capacity- cups, pints, quarts, gallons, ounces, and pounds
  • nets
  • solid figures and combining figures
  • lines of symmetry
  • slides, flips, turns
  • congruent and similar figures
  • angles
  • triangles and quadrilaterals
  • types of lines (ray, lines, line segments)
  • polygons
  • temperature
  • area and perimeter
  • division with and without remainders
  • basic division facts
  • 3 digit by 1 digit multiplying
  • 2 digit by 1 digit multiplying
  • missing factors
  • multiplication facts 6-10
  • money-counting and making change
  • multiplication facts 0-5
  • order pairs
  • calendars
  • graphs
  • elapsed time
  • telling time to the hour, quarter hour, and minute
  • subtracting with regrouping including subtraction across zeros
  • adding numbers up to the millionth place with regrouping
  • rounding to the nearest tens, hundreds, and thousands place
  • place value (expanded, standard, written form up to the millions)
  • basic addition and subtraction facts
  • comparing numbers (>, <, =)
  • odd and even numbers

Math Games to Practice Online

Division Game

Money Games

Multiplication Game

Subtracting with regrouping

Subtracting with regrouping baseball game

Adding with regrouping game

Rounding Games

Place Value Game

Odd and Even Numbers Game

Basic Math Games

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