Spelling 3A

Spelling Words

We give the students a pre-test each week and if they get a 87% or above they will have the challenge words for that next week.

Charlotte’s Web Week 4

miracle, action, famous, crisp, bacon, terrific, package, ground, morning, straw, community, pitchfork, dictionary, beautiful, message

Charlotte’s Web Week 3

boast, peace, event, rotten, cellar, clever, horrible, promise, stomach, serious, unusual, whisper, conversation, something, imagination

Charlotte’s Web Week 2

morals, conscience, trough, morsel, sheep, gosling, spin, slops, salutations, gander, goose, detested, glutton, summer, news

Charlotte’s Web Week 1

Charlotte, web, spider, runt, springtime, farm, animals, barn, Wilbur, injustice, breakfast, reconsider, pigpen, feelings, escape

Winn Dixie Week 3

sorrow, strum, Opal, because, preacher, sandwiches, Winn Dixie, friends, melancholy, pathological

Bonus words: appreciate, complicated

Winn Dixie Week 2

thunderstorm, lozenge, library, party, guitar, friendship, church, prayed, smiled, singing

Bonus: imitated and whimpering

Winn Dixie Week 1

gerbil, sermon, pride, grand, trembling, retriever, potluck, congregation, constellations, trustworthy

Bonus: irritating, peculiar

Mouse and Motorcycle

waste, basket, wastebasket, handle, bars, handlebars, motor, cycle, motorcycle, cunning ****Bonus words: croquet, exhilarated, exterminated, incinerator, permission

Boom Town

Regular-belong, hotel, focus, miner, pupil, begin, music, future, behind, tiger, become, motel, baker, cabin, ocean

Challenge-delicious, filling, pastries, tasty, crumbs, miners, nuggets, skillet, stagecoach, settle, landmark, shadow, bakery, traders, traveler

Yippee Yay

Regular cowboys, horses, corral, winter, always, cactus, garden, tender, fifteen, basket, welcome, lasso, market, until, Monday

Challengepillows, curtain, feather, mattress, bedspread, surprise, kitchen, children, critters, stampede, compete, tractors, practice, captured, fifteen

Leah’s Pony

Regularsometimes, pickup, dishwater, notebook, upstairs, football, sunshine, outdoors, hallway, timeout, doorway, sunset, bookcase, everyone, everything

Challenge– cornfields, serious, bargain, astonish, debt, county, auctioneer, clutched, glistened, galloped, understanding, neighborhood, windowpanes, bedsprings, sunburned

Lon Po Po

Regular- pulled, begged, hugged, silly, correct, latter, matter, supper, common, lesson, setting, collect, bottles, different, jelly

Challenge- fairy tale, cultural, grandma, courage, weave, characters, tender, brittle, embraced, dusk, cunning, latch, delighted, difficulty, pretended

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears

Regular– curl, birth, burned, perfect, thirty, church, firm, skirt, clerk, jerked, dirt, shirt, person, purse, term

Challenge-fault, wrong, error, trouble, reason, satisfied, duty, council, mischief, nonsense, tidbit, mosquitoes, perfection, personality, iguana

Coyote Places the Stars

hear, one, won, way, heard, flower, our, flour, weigh, here, beat, herd, beet, hair, hare


Ramona Forever

started, card, park, smart, star, shark, mark, barber, party, pardon, bark, tart, carpet, farther, barn

Thanksgiving Words

Regular: thanksgiving, family, dinner, because, holiday, turkey, potatoes, pumpkin, thankful, prayer

Challenge- gratitude, cornucopia, Massachusetts, utensils, maize, tradition, Plymouth, bountiful, council, Mayflower


Regular-crown, proud, however, count, crowded, around, south, loud, house, shouted, howl, growl, bounce, fountain, sound

Challenge- special, companion, trust, trained, behave, firm, confident, comfortable, equipment, program, appointment, approach, badges, breeds, harness

Little Grunt

Regular-joyful, choice, voice, joint, moist, spoil, royal, annoy, noise, employ, soil, loyal, boiled, destroy, pointy

Challenge-earthquake, volcano, hurricane, weather, rumble, dinosaur, invite, lizard, tribe, brunch, peaceful, omelet, erupting, lava, escape

Wild Shots

Regular-space, stage, huge, fence, price, police, office, engine, badge, pencil, excite, force, range, ginger, giraffe

Challenge-creature, strange, peculiar, unusual, curious, delicate, survived, marine, collapsed, fangs, spines, tortoise, trusting, volcanoes, iguanas

Balto Words

Regular-shot, chance, match, watch, showed, shock, pushed, such, crash, chew, batch, hitched, sharp, mush, speech

Challenge-medicine, equipment, crutch, nurse, hospital, diphtheria, disease, treated, village, solid, telegraph, drifts, trail, temperature, guided

Turtle Bay

Regular-known, written, laugh, sphere, wreck, writer, wrong, wrap, wrench, knocked, knot, wring, enough, rough, wrinkle

Challenge-cork, rotten, rubbish, sponges, swords, eager, patiently, trained, wise, message, litter, tortoise, dolphin, sea horse, whale

Olympic Games

Regular-least, fast, just, burst, strip, stick, strike, artist, almost, student, strong, start, blast, straw, street

Challenge-events, competition, stroke, teammate, distance, ancient, host, stadium, compete, earned, record, ceremonies, medals, lighthearted, auditorium

Nate the Great

Regular – easy, grade, meet, late, seat, saved, pail, these, reach, name, raise, leave, gain, theme, scream

Challenge -specific, returned, detective, definitely, assistant, positive, case, mystery, solve, search, found, investigate, collapsed, architect, scream

Allie’s Basketball Dream

tight, while, show, stone, bright, whole, window, time, follow, close, flight, tide, grow, broke, below

Pepita Talks Twice

slip, fish, pick, rocks, lunch, gift, thing, inch, truck, pond, from, jump, socks, dish, thump

Officer Buckle Spelling Words

sat, felt, last, send, next, best, went, hand, stand, past, grand, stamp, belt, lend, checked




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