Spelling Unit 7

Regular Spelling List

Unit 7


  1. pour
  2. orbit
  3. fourth
  4. source
  5. sports
  6. forward
  7. force
  8. order
  9. wore
  10. yourself
  11. support
  12. sore
  13. orange
  14. anymore
  15. ignore
  16. portrait
  17. border
  18. course
  19. tornado
  20. your


This year is my 32nd year of teaching at SPSL, initially teaching 6th grade for 5 years, and now teaching 4th grade for 27 years. The whole experience has flown by! I initially graduated from UNL with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and my teaching certificate. I have earned my master's degree in Reading from UNO and was awarded the Archdiocesan Educator of the Year in 2014. Welcome to my website. It's a window into the fun and learning that occurs in 4D.